Monday, March 23, 2015

as previously flip carving

So as I had shown last August that I carved a piece of pine knot on one side and then decided I would carve something on the other side since I was just getting used to this style carving. For a while I had forgotten about this and then in the past week or so I decided I would try and come up with some way to display the carvings due to there being two, one on each side. Then while doing some much needed cleaning on my work table in the garage I came across a piece of scrap. After looking at this for a bit I thought why not try and see if this could be incorporated with the carving.

So I began to smooth out the edges and see if I could come up with a design that would look pleasing and also hold the carving. I should mention that I attached a wood dowel to the carving so I could hold it and flip it over to view both sides of the piece. I wondered, can I set up the scrap piece so it would balance with the carving. To my surprise and chagrin it actually balance nicely once the distance of how far out the carving would sit from the actual piece of scrap. In the picture shown I had begun to shape the scrap but unfortunately I had to deal with the grain just as it was presented and this would be the downfall of the scrap wood. If you look close you can see the wood around the entry point was already thin and this is the main area that the grain continually caused an issue. Eventually after a few mishaps it would break right in the thinnest portion. At least now I have a design that I can rework to eventually display the carving. I will consider placing a small piece of wood on the dowel to work as a handle and will try and work that into the design of the base. Even though in the end it failed what was cool with this was that it stood on its own. It balanced that well, even with the narrow base it stood on.

as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving

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