Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So I know that many have seen the farmer carving, and I want to thank all who have given such great feedback on this one. I will be looking into the idea of entering him in a carving competition later this year. Now the question is, when it comes to a bust carving how much is too much? Can you add too much to the background, does it take away from the carving bust itself?

So as many may have read the dark wood base is made from wood from my grampa's barn and the branding markings on the wood are a replica of his actual brand for his cattle. So this got me thinking of grampa's barn. I remember being in that old barn as a kid up in the loft, atop bales of hay. As I thought back I began to remember all the things found in the barn and as I built my list once again I wondered, can I add to much when it comes to a bust carving? Well I will be looking into this idea in the next few days and weeks as I continue to carve and add pieces to this carving. After all whether I enter this or not it will end up on display in my home. I may have two set-ups, the one entered and the one on display at home.  I will a I have posted a few pictures to show the various ways I could set-up this bust carving, take a look and see what you think.

as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving 

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