Sunday, July 12, 2015

I see faces pt 2

I wanted to share another carving from the farm wood, this is one of my favorite out of what i have carved lately. This one was so cool, as soon as I found it I noticed there was a hand sticking out to the side, there was a small grove in the wood that seemed to be laid out as to where the mouth should be carved. The knot sticking out seemed to call out as placement for his schnozzola, and yes this is not just a nose this is a schnozzola.

That is his only resemblance to the late great Jimmy Durante, he took me back further in movie history for the more I carved the more I began to see a W.C. Fields type character emerge. I can see the little hand resembling a white glove possibly holding a cigar or a cane. I will make the call shortly on whether or not to place a stogie in the right side of his mouth and more importantly a top hat atop of his head. I don't want to try and make this a caricature of Fields but simply pull from some of his known characteristics on screen.

I haven't experimented with color on one of these yet but will definitely add some pigment to this one. I will treat this wood as if it were butternut wood and put a sealant coat on then begin to add color. The grain of this wood makes me believe it would carry color through the grain if I am not careful. I will limit how much color I add and will keep it faint so that it doesn't cover up the grain.

"Good night and may God bless" 

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