Saturday, July 18, 2015

I see faces update

 So as you see I have made some modifications to the original face I carved. I had a branch from a cedar tree that I had cut and thought it would fit in with this carving but I didn't like the shape of it once it was attached. I ended up matching the contour of the back of the carving with the added piece of cedar and did a small bit of shaping and this is how she is at this point.

I have considered carving an arm that would be protruding out of the large knot on the left side maybe holding an or but not sure if I will do this yet or not, might add to the carving, might not. I like that the cedar interior gives the look of a tongue, that was what originally had me consider adding this onto the carving.

For now I will leave him as he is and will move onto other carvings. I have found that sometimes putting one down and then revisiting a carving gives a fresh look and perspective. This process has not come easy to me as I usually like to finish a carving in a timely fashion. Sometimes growing as a carver doesn't pertain to only your style or technique.

"Good night and may God bless"

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