Sunday, April 24, 2016

game plan 2016 pt 2

Well it took a few days painting here and there when time permitted but this group of ornaments is now painted with protective sealant applied. I can honestly say I am happy with this group and the progress of the game plan thus far.

Now that they are complete it is time to regroup and either carve a few more ornaments or begin working on illustrations to either be potential carving patterns or water color illustrations for a possible coffee table book. I need to make a decision on this and also on how soon I will begin to put some of the ornaments in the shop. I also will need to decide how many I will carve for the upcoming year but I overall I feel comfortable that I am off to a good start. I do have a few design ideas floating around in my noggin and hopefully will have something to show in the upcoming weeks.

as always,
 Good night and may God bless

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