Thursday, October 27, 2016

another pilot pt 3 fini

Well another pilot is done and the sealant has been applied. There are many carvers out there and with that there is a wide variety of how they finish off their carvings. Not sure many use my method but there are two reasons I do and why I like the results I get. First off here is how I finish off my carvings. I use Minwax polycrylic with a satin finish on most of them and to apply I simply dip them down into it. I let them hang for a few minutes to have some of it run back off into the can, using a wood dowel to lean it back and forth to help empty out any cranny in the carving. I then go around with a torn piece of paper towel and gentle dab up any excess from the carving mostly in the crevasses where there might be a build up like eye sockets and between the lips. I use a torn piece of paper towel because it seems to absorb it more this way. This process doesn't take that long and within an hour or two it is completely dry to the touch. Even though it is a satin finish the carving has a bit of a sheen to it and for a Christmas ornament that's just fine. After all a good majority of my carvings are ornaments of Santa like characters, carved for the sole purpose of decorating the Christmas tree covered with other ornaments and of course the glow of lights. Bright lights whether clear of colored, that reflect off of the ornaments all season long.

as always, 
Good night and May God bless

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