Sunday, May 6, 2012

Painting wood versus paper

As I explained before I painted the Santa using my limited supply of colors. I actually don’t think of this as a bad thing necessarily since it has been years since I have painted any of my carvings. My skills as an artist have improved in regards to painting which is good but what is bad is that most of my work on paper is with water color, mostly water color pencils.

With water color you have, like all paints, the effects used with layering the paint. The difference though is the effect of the somewhat transparency in color. Using the right technique you can either darken or lighten the color after it is applied. You can actually remove color in areas as well, which helps with shading and texture. With painting carvings you are not applying any shading techniques, you are applying color to match a certain look to your carving. If you are carving a cowboy has he been on the range for some time or is he all cleaned up to go courting? The way he is painted will answer many of these questions.

I will share more on this as I learn more myself, but for now I need to continue to improve my carving technique. I want my cartoons to come to life in wood. Here is a cartoon of Santa I did awhile back. Although I like the Santa carving I did I don’t know if it matches with my cartoons yet, but they will, one day they will.  

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