Saturday, May 12, 2012

To arms

You may have noticed that the character on the previous posting was seemingly arm less. I thought for this one I would try to carve the arms separate and attach them. I got one of the arms mostly carved out and attached it temporarily with some glue but not sure that I am happy with it. It to me looks way to stiff so I will try and carve out arms with a bend at the elbow and maybe having the hands bent and resting on the belly. I am still struggling with getting clean detail in tight areas but will probably improve upon that when I get some gouges. I still want to find a way with getting into tight areas and still getting clean cuts out of them. So here is a glimpse into the arms and how it looked when it was added, like I say not happy with it but will possibly attempt a different arm for it.

 I have also included a few pictures of the little guy now that I have added more detail. You can see that I am still getting fuzzy cuts at times and not getting a clean carving. More work ahead, much more work ahead.

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