Monday, May 14, 2012

to paint or not to paint

Well after I painted the last two pieces and was not happy with the outcome I pondered whether I would or would not paint lil’ billy. Well last night I decided to paint the little man and here is how it came out. This one I am very happy with and here is why. I toned down the colors, the last one I painted had really bright strong colors and it just looked to cartoony, I know right, you would think from my perspective that this would be a good thing. But if you have ever looked at my water color work or my color pencil work I don’t like bright colors. I try most of the time to give it a toned down, one person referred to it as antique-ish in style.
The beard is actually layered colors where I started with a pretty strong brownish orange and then every layer after that I darkened the color.
The hat band was a little bit of brown with a touch of red and a small touch of white in trying to give it a leather look. I almost did the same with the vest but decided to go with the green instead.
The jeans color was made from three colors, a deep blue with some white added in with a small bit of black to give it a worn look.

All together I am happy with the way it came out and like the look it gave the carving. The way a carving is painted can either make or break a carvings design. I still have a lot to learn about the proper way to finish off a carving, remember these are my practice pieces, but for the most part am happy with the progress so far.

Should there be a call to arms for lil' billy? 

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