Monday, October 7, 2013

A view from the window sill

One spring day a plant began to grow in the flower bed.  It began small, almost unnoticeable to the farmer who worked the land. He normally grew plants to feed his family and his livestock but this plant had a look that made him smile so the young plant would grow in the soil, just because. The seasons came and went, spring then summer. By now the plant had grown and become quite beautiful among the other plants. It seemed to highlight the green on the leaves of the other plant due to its own unique but pleasing color. But one day a storm came along from the west and the winds were beating against the garden causing the plants stem to break and fall to the ground. The farmer knew God had a design in all things that grow up from the soil and so he took the broken branch and placed it in a small glass. He filled the glass up halfway, having the water surrounding the stem.

Weekly the farmer, busy with tending his crops would empty the small glass and then refill it with fresh water. Within weeks of this process the farmer saw the plan unfolding before his very eyes. Not just in the fields but in the small little glass on the window sill. What was before just a broken stem sitting in water had become a glass filled with roots shooting out from the once lonely stem. As these little roots began to grow and twist under the water, above there was new life on the stem itself. New leaves were forming and reaching out towards the sun. Fresh new color was emerging from this once sad stem that lay in the mud after the storm had passed so many weeks back.

The farmer kept the plant on the window sill all throughout the fall and the winter months as well waiting for spring to return. As spring slowly arrived and as the last frost of the season had been removed by the sun the farmer placed the stem, now full of roots and new leaves, into a pot on the porch with fresh soil holding it in place. He continued to work the land as he had done all his life but this spring would be different. As he did all fall and winter he continued to care for this once lonely stem that had fallen so many seasons back. By summer there was no longer a lonely stem but a full, beautiful plant that was now overflowing with life and color. The farmer sat on his porch as he had done every summer before, reading and enjoying the sunset as it highlighted the growing crops in the field. He thanked God for the gift and lesson of the little stem found in the mud. This plant was God’s reminder to the farmer that in this life even though we all stumble and fall, through His hand we can be made whole again. He opened His book once again and read; 

Matthew 6:26 Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 

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