Tuesday, October 15, 2013

carving doodles

Last night I decided just to doodle and just relax in the moment. So I opened the lower drawer where I keep a few pieces of scrap wood, got out the tools and started to doodle. The first one was obvious and made since with the shape of the wood. The second not as much, I started by shaping the wood some what and then started with a basic nose, nothing fancy, and built the rest from there. The nice thing about this is there is no pressure because this is scrap, this is left over from a rough-out and many people just throw these pieces away. I think I like the hair the most on this one and will remember how it was carved out for future projects, that's the nice thing about carving doodles. You try new technique and if it doesn't work no loss, no fowl. Visit the woodbeecarver's
site to learn from the true master of carving doodles and until then take a look at these.

Carpe diem carving 

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