Thursday, October 17, 2013

more carving doodles

I doodled a little more last night, carving doodle that is. I decided to use one of them to work on an idea for a larger elf ornament and am happy with the concept. While I was shaping the tassel on the cap I thought about how it could be a flame and of course what would the flame be attached to, a candle. In the picture it should be easy to see how the cap becomes a lit candle, this one even has some wax melting down. I will have the elf either looking at the flame on the candle or might have him glancing at the wax as it slowly melts and heads towards him. Of course the one to the far right was done a few nights before and the one in the middle was done last night after the candle cap was completed, say that three times really fast.

Now carving doodles are not only a way to clear my mind but can also be a way to work out a design idea if I am not in the mood to get out paper and pencil.

Carpe diem carving

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