Monday, November 4, 2013

carving doodle redone pt 2

Well I have now applied paint and finish to the carving doodle design and am fairly happy with him, mostly the candle portion. One thing I have played with lately is the way I am handling the painting process. Some of my carvings will only have color on the caps and beards others will get some color added to the face and a few will even get some color added to the eyes. The eyes are a focus for me lately in the way that I carve and paint them.In the past I would simply paint white and then paint some black for the outline some blue for the middle and a touch of white for the sparkle effect. I have been experimenting with cutting out a circle and have also begun cutting an outline around the circle. When I have done this and painted a watered down blue it gives a nice effect that I will continue to experiment with. I think next I will paint the eyes a watered down brown and see how this plays out. Bottom line, try everything once and then maybe once more to see if it works for your particular style. This is my goal, to learn from skilled craftsmen and then begin to go outside the box and create my own characters and my own style.

Carpe diem carving 

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