Saturday, November 2, 2013

carving doodle redone

Well yesterday I decided to carve from one of my carving doodles. I liked the concept enough to carve him into a large more detailed piece and really like the results.

The one thing I did with this one that I hardly ever do is use sand paper on my carving. Normally I won't use sandpaper because it leaves debris behind that can damage the blade of my carving tools. If I am sanding I will usually go to mesh sandpaper, this leaves no debris behind and doesn't make half the mess, it really works great. The whole reason for sanding was to give soft edges to the wax that is flowing down the cap. I have the wire mesh but there was a piece of sandpaper left over from one of my boys projects from earlier in the week so I  got lazy and just used it. Maybe I was just being frugal, that sounds better doesn't it. All kidding aside if you do use sandpaper make sure if you have more carving to do you brush off the whole carving so as to not damage your tools from the left over debris.

So here are the two carvings  together, the carving doodle painted and the newly larger carving before color is applied. I liked this one enough that I will carve another changing a few minor things, I don't like having any two carvings looking the same, of course I have never tried to carve a replica and not sure I could pull it off but that is a discussion for another day.

Carpe diem carving

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