Friday, November 8, 2013

larger ornaments ready for show

Well here they are, this is what I have for the church bazaar on the 16th, that is this is what I have so far in large ornaments. These vary in length any where from 5 1/2" to 8" in length. I do have one other that I am in the middle of carving and want to carve one more like the one with the candle but as of now these are the ones for sale come the 16th of November. I have one other but it will be donated for the raffle. It's the elf with a more realistic face, my younger boy picked this as the one we should donate. I don't know how others have done it in the past but I think I should pick one of my better carvings not one that is just o.k., and picking of one was a hard choice for me so I let my family make the final choice. You hate to think that you will pay the fee for the show donate one of the nicer ornaments and then sale nothing but we will let the chips fall where they may. Luckily I am a fan of my work so there aren't many that I would be unwilling to bring home if that be the case.

Carpe diem carving

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