Sunday, April 12, 2015

not a farmer carving lol! it's the flip carving

So I have a carving that I did late last spring, carved from a pine knot with my Dremel due to the hardness of the wood. Pine knots are found in the joint of a pine tree where a branch is coming out. These knots are found on downed trees that are dead and decaying, since I have never hunted them I don't know how far along the tree needs to be to find the good knots. I bought mine from the tree wiz on Etsy.

This one is my first two carvings, the side that looks like a tornado with a face is the very first one. Since there are two sides I struggled with how to set this carving up. My first thing was simple, put it on a stick so you can easily rotate it to both sides so you can enjoy either side. But the carving would sit on the table with the base of the man with the candle, with of course, a stick sticking out of his head. So needless to say I wasn't happy leaving it at that. I then took a piece of scrap wood and made a stand and it actually balanced itself, that is, until fate steps in. So yesterday I was putzing around the garage and I came across a piece of wood that I had turned on the lathe back when I had one and this got me thinking. So I swiftly got out the band saw, cut the base in an angle and drilled two holes. Next I got out the carving, placed the stick into the hole on the side and now I have a stand for the carving. The only thing that bothered me was if you didn't have the stick in far enough it could loose it's balance. So I got out a wood ball that I have had way to long, drilled a hole in it placed a wood dowel in the hole and now the stand is perfectly balanced even if the stick doesn't protrude out the other side. So today I put a stain finish on the stand and wooden ball and as soon as it dries I will put a clear coat on the two pieces and this carving will be done, stand and all.

as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving

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