Sunday, August 2, 2015

farmer carving reboot pt 2

 So once again the farmer is done painting and all. I in many ways like this one more than the other and am pleased with the way he came out, even if it was the second time.

The bales are connected both with a rod running between them and with some wood glue. The top bale holding the farmer is connected to the lower bale by three pieces of copper wire. The wire seems to be holding it firmly in place so don't see the need for any wood glue. The pipe is glued in but also has the stem of a fish hook connecting the pipe to inside the farmer's mouth. The final piece of copper is securing the head to the body via the farmer's neck. The use of wire gives me added security that the pieces remain in place and also gives me more freedom of positioning the different parts such as the posing of the head.

It seems I learn something from every carving I do, this one's theme must have been patience and/or perseverance.

as always, 
"Good night and may God bless"

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