Saturday, August 1, 2015

farmer carving reboot

Well we have all heard of Murphy's Law "that anything that can go wrong will go wrong" closely related to the more simplistic and the more vulgar phrase "Sh_t happens". Well it happened, the carving I did of the farmer in the patriotic cap had an accident and the cap broke. I, as all good wood workers will do got out my wood glue and prepared to repair the damage. Unfortunately it didn't go back together well and there was an obvious crack in the brim.

 So first thing I did was give him a hair cut via cut the hat off and carve in some hair. This worked out well nicely but he no longer came across as a farmer so plan 2. I had a piece of butternut wood and used it to carve a cap for my farmer. I liked the overall look but when putting the two together my drill bit went through the top of the cap. I also still couldn't get the memory of the way he looked before out of my head and though this wasn't bad it wasn't as good as it was.

Third time's the charm, most of the time, I decided I would carve a completely new head and see if I would warm up to that. I never want to try and re-carve something, probably because I don't think I could and honestly I wouldn't really want to. So this new one had to be that a new one. I liked the overall concept and went with that design but decided he was old school and would have a pipe, a corncob to be exact. So for now I am proceeding ahead with this as planned. I will put a sealant on him today and then will proceed to painting at the end of all that I will make the final decision.

as always, 
"Good night and may God bless"

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