Friday, June 29, 2012

carving apron pt 2

Well last night was a great test and it passed with flying colors, the apron that is. Caught everything and is way more comfortable than holding the box in my lap. So if you have no shop to carve in and want to carve the no mess way I highly recommend this carving apron. Even if you have a shop and don’t want to sweep up after every carving this is the way to go. Because of my proximity to their store, I received the apron in three days.   
The carving portion of the Santa shown is done as well. I like this one and like the way the goggles came out, although I do have one thing I might try before applying the paint and will update if I do. But overall I am truly happy with this carving and will finish him off today one way or the other.

So let the chips fall where they may, cause if they are not falling I am not carving.

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