Monday, June 25, 2012

So where do you carve?

I usually carve while in the living room while our family watches TV or the boys play on the wii. I don’t have a shop so wood chips and where they fly can be an issue. For the longest time I have held a box in my lap, don’t remember when I came up with this brilliant idea, although it has worked for the most part. I do though have bursitis in my left shoulder so sometimes the angle I have to hold my shoulder to carve with the box in my lap can bring on a pain before I am done. As for catching the wood chips it is mostly hit but yes sometimes miss depending on what I am carving and what I am trying to do.

So recently I ordered what I hope will be a resolution. I ordered a carvers apron that has a large pocket to catch the chips from Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers out of Townsend, TN at Nawger Nob. I know it won’t catch everything and I will still have some clean up but if it makes me more comfortable as I carve and catches most of the chips then I will be happy. I received an email today that the apron has shipped out and it is scheduled to be a two day delivery so I will hopefully have an update soon. This unfortunately will not ease the burden of my desk and its lack of organization. The joke in our house is that when I had a desk job for 6 ½ years doing computer graphics my desk at work was scary neat, almost Monk like, Adrian that is. This was the beginning of the joke that would follow me to this day. That is why I sometimes sign my emails Ricardo-monk-a-bond. Hey I didn’t say it was a knee slapper just a joke. 

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