Thursday, June 28, 2012

carving apron

Well the carving apron from Smokey Mountain Woodcarvers arrived yesterday and even though I have only used it one day so far it looks to be a wonderful investment. I used it last night on another Santa pilot carving. This one I am going to try and carve even more detail. This is my goal, to try and carve in extra detail in each attempt until I feel like I have a truly complete carving. I want to see improvement every time I put one down and deem it a completed piece.  

If you notice the goggles seem larger than in previous carvings. The reason for this is I wanted to carve more detail into the goggles. There is a thin line between carving reality and carving just enough to give an impression of reality, I haven’t crossed it yet. To get an idea of what detail was missing I did a search and found an image that gave me a starting point to work from. I will try and incorporate some of the detail into my carving, more will come from the painting process as well. As for the apron, let the chips fall where they may……….. 

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