Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"another one" painted

Yes it is painted and I did change the way I in which I applied the paint. For this one I deluded down the color even more than usual and when I apply the finish to it will probably do an antique coating style finish.

While I am on the subject there is a lot of debate it seems with the carving community over what finish to use and which one is better. Many swear by the boiled linseed oil and many believe that there is a way to apply a finish without using products that are combustible. This month in Carving Magazine there is an article “Eco-Friendly Finishing” about this very subject. There was also a great debate on the Woodcarving Illustrated messageboard back in 2006 that is still available and fun reading as well. People from both sides chime in on this issue and from this you can see that there is not only some debate but also some passion from both sides of this topic. So what finish will I use on my carvings? Here is what I propose to do. I will apply one of the two products and post the finished pictures and see if you can tell what was used. I wonder if anyone can tell the difference, we will see.

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