Tuesday, July 17, 2012

another test pilot

I know you’re thinking, really another one, and a resounding yes. My efforts were more with the goggles trying to get a more detail in them as to date the goggles. I wanted that vintage look back when anyone could take to the sky. Ok yes I admit that was an exciting time to me. After all the idea that if you had an old bi-plane and an empty field you could learn to fly.

I had the thrill to fly in a Stearman bi plane many years ago, open cock pit the whole nine yards, awesome. So yes I am a bit of a bi plane enthusiast. This is another story for another day though.

One thing I did once the carving was done and the paint was being applied was to add a darker color green to the outer rim of the goggles and to the inner cut of the strap, just too high light it a little more. Hopefully it gives it just a little more depth. As before the USAAC patch is on the Santa. I believe they added the gold wings to the patch prior to WWII so obviously no golden wings. 

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