Sunday, July 15, 2012

yeah I know another one

Yes I have carved another Santa ornament; this one is a bit different than the others though. This one has less of a cartoony feel to it so I will need to take this into account when I paint it, or will I. Why do I have to paint it any different than any of my others that I have painted? I will decide today because hopefully I will get out the paints and get at it today. I am not only trying to improve my carving abilities but I am also working on the process, trying to hone the way in which I start and finish. Unfortunately there are no carving groups in my area so I rely on magazines and a DVD or two to build the process from. I, even after a gracious gift of carving tools from a friend, am still shy of all the tools referred to in either the magazines or the DVD’s.

But you grow from experience not supplies, so I work with the wonderful set I have and try and grow as a carver from there. Many times for me it is not what I can’t do that gets me in trouble yet what I can do. I am impatient and at times simply rush the process and don’t follow the same steps every time, this I am working to change. I want to build process that I use every time, so that I can recreate a carving that I did, and to have some consistency in my work. It is a process, painful at times, but a process none the less.  

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