Thursday, July 25, 2013

civil war soldier aka lemonade fini

As I said I wanted to make a few changes to the mouth and mustache line as well to the chin. Wanted a little more depth to these areas overall and wanted better detail to the mustache. It didn't look bad before but I think it looks much better now.
After finishing that up I  moved on to the painting of the body portion of the bust. in short, the uniform. I did some research and found that the Confederate officers had to supply their own uniforms so from what I understand from this, if they wished they could add items to the uniform to add their own style to the uniform. Kind of takes away from the whole "uniform" concept but the times being what they were. I decided that this gentleman being an officer was a bit on the showy side so he added a few items to make his uniform stand out. I didn't model him after any one person so his uniform is a simple design of bits and pieces I found on images of officers for the confederacy.

To complete the base design I tried to give it the look that the wood had been twisted like a piece of taffy. To highlight this I added color coming down from the uniform and a gold stripe as well. As I did with the barnstormer I used the little pad on my Dremel to soften the effects of the finish so the face wouldn't have a wet look but still have the protective qualities for the wood and paint. You can see in the last two pictures there is less shine on his face. On a side note I made his part go from left to right, which is usually not the way someone parts their hair. Most peoples part goes from right to left.........oops

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