Friday, July 5, 2013

It's been awhile

It has been a busy summer and I have not carved anything for most of the summer. The other day I finally sat down and carved a character and for the most part since it has been so long I am somewhat happy with the end result. I started with the idea that he was going to be a pilot but he looks more like an early auto racer or just a horseless carriage driver. But he could also be a barnstormer so will ponder this as I carve out the rest of his bust.

 Lesson learned, if you go too long without doing anything, carving, cooking or just about anything that takes a major to minor skill set, you can lose a certain amount of your edge by putting time between each task. For consistency you, or should I say I, need to carve on a regular basis even if it is just carving the scraps from rough-outs. It’s not the tool’s fault that they don’t seem to work weeks or months later. So keep at it. Obviously there are times when the priorities of life put carving on the back burner. Sometimes I question my passion for carving compared to others I know but as I told a new friend and fellow carver; I would rather have an hour with my wife and boys then 1000 hours of carving. I need to remind myself that when I beat myself up for not carving more. But make no bones about it, I will try to work it into my schedule in the coming weeks, I still feel I have untapped potential when it comes to carving. I think it really comes down to one’s convictions, from this you can mold your perspective of one’s life.
A great example of having a true convictions and perspective on balancing life and carving check out Gene Messer and the path he is currently walking. You can also throw up a prayer for him as he goes down this new path. I welcome prayers as well that I hold true to my convictions as well. To quote the Robertson boys, yes I am a fan of the Quack Pack, it’s all about “faith, family, and ducks”. Of course you can replace ducks with carving or include it alongside them if you are so inclined. 

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