Tuesday, July 23, 2013

civil war soldier aka lemonade pt 2

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I got the carving done the evening before and by morning and at the point of this photo I would have to say, I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Things can and would change in an instant…………..

Yeah they changed alright, you see the table, floor or something shook and the head toppled down and a piece of the brim shot across the room only to be found four hours later behind the couch by my youngest son. Besides the few hours that I wondered what happened to the broken piece, this in itself would be a mild set back. After all every good carver has wood glue at the ready. So as any level headed carver would do I simply grabbed my wood glue and the broken piece and Voila!, finito, problem solved. So I thought.

I worked on carving the body portion of the bust for a few hours. Being happy with my progress, I began to paint the head. This is where the earlier issue reared its ugly head. I had the face painted and most of the cap when I proceeded to paint the brim. There was a line, a fault line showing through the paint. Right where the break occurred. After a bit of time goes by and numerous attempts to get paint to cover the area I put the carving down and headed off to bed. 

The next morning I get up, head out to the living room/workshop. There I see a now distinct gap between the cap and the brim where it had broke. I wondered how it was holding on. On my first and hopefully last side note of today, I paint a watered down color to allow the wood grain to show through, this would be to the caps down fall. After all, the carving is wood and wood and water don’t always do well together, at least not this time. So now I have a decision to make because the broken portion of the brim is no longer lining up with the rest of the cap and as you see there is not enough of the brim now on the cap to work for the carving. 

So how can I proceed from here, I feel I have two or three options; 
  1. I can carve away the cap and make him hat less, either bald or with hair
  2. I can throw away the head and start over and chalk this up to experience, lesson learned
  3. I can carve a new brim to match up and reinforce it somehow to the cap (least likely)
to be continued 
(hey you came back for this one)


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