Monday, April 27, 2015

carving table pt II aka wood spirit carving

Today looked to be a good weather day so thought I would get out there and get some more done on my carving. the carving table is really nice except I am used to holding the carving in my hand so I am really not utilizing the table as much as I maybe should. This may just take some time to readjust the way I do things carving wise.
I believe for the most part this one is done. I may go in and do some clean up, I may even turn him over and carve something on the other side but for now he is done. I am extremely happy with his features though one side didn't have as much wood to work with for the cheek bones. I like the way the lighting works to highlight the features and seems to in some ways change his expression or maybe I should say the intensity of his expression. Either way I am happy as this is a new venture for me, both carving pine knots and power carving in general.

On a side note I will be doing some research on the proper way to care for my carbide bits as they get a build up on them from the pine knots. I need to find the most efficient way of cleaning these and still maintaining a sharp edge on the bits. Once I find something I will share what I have found.
as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving

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