Thursday, April 23, 2015

new table for carving

 Well today was a nice enough day so I thought I would look at the available pieces I have in the garage and see if I could make me a better table for power carving pine knots. I had some peg board, some scrap lumber and an old stool that I made for my oldest son when he was in 1st grade maybe second. He has another stool that is much nicer and it actually was set up to switch to two different heights dependent upon which desk he was sitting at. So I used the stool as the base but the bottom is now the top. I cut 4 pieces of wood and cut them to the same height and gave them an angled cut at the base. This would give a slight lean to the peg board. I cut the peg board to the height and width that I wanted then cut notches so the peg board would fit down over the frame of the stool. After everything was either nailed or screwed together I had a new table. This is my prototype so I will use it for awhile and see if there are any changes or modifications I might consider if I build a replacement. After I was done I still had some time before heading out to pick up the boys so I got out a pine knot and gave the table it's first test drive.

When it comes to carving pine knots I am slowing down and not expecting great detail right away. Now my first bit of time carving are akin to my time spent on the band saw setting up a rough cut. As you can see my main focus is the nose and eye placement. I am happy with my beginning efforts but already see I need more depth in the carving itself. I will post more on the carving later.

Before I forget, I am using a worktable I bought from Ace Hardware and is seems plenty sturdy for this and the clamps hold the carving table without any issue. It also gives me shelving on the lower deck of the worktable for keeping my bits for easy access. The only thing I have already logged in my mind as a possible addition to the next table built would be to have the base of table in a slight angle for holding the carving. I may see if there is any way to attach one to this table but that won't be anytime soon. I will complete the carving with the table the way it is set up now and see if I still feel the same way once I am done.

as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving   

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