Monday, February 9, 2015

at ease soldier

I had another head for a bust prepared and even though he was a back-up head for another carving I decided to put it to use for another idea I had. I always wanted to carve some soldiers from different eras so thought this would be my first attempt. I have to say I like his features but in the future I will make the helmet wider, though for this one it seems to work. I know there is a debate among carvers, carve from a solid piece of wood or piece it together.  I don't believe Chris Hammock pieces his together rather carves from blocks of wood and roughs them out then goes in for detail.

On the other hand Lynn Doughty, I believe, would carve the helmet separate and then cut the head and added the helmet on after. After carving this one I can see how that would have worked out better for this and given me a cleaner carving. I will try that approach with the next soldier I carve. I am thinking down the road carving a doughboy to honor my grandpa who served in WWI. I can see the benefits of both ways of carving and for me it is the end result that matters. If I had taken that approach I would have saved myself the aggravation of areas that were hard to get to like under the helmet and around the eyes. In the end each carver has to make the call on which procedure works best for their style carving. Maybe I should have considered not cutting out the space between his helmet and his forehead after all you have to lean the carving to even see it. What did it really bring to the carving to have that space?  

as always happy trails a
Carpe diem 4 carving

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