Thursday, June 9, 2016

found wood, another carving started pt 4

So now that I am building a rocket it will need all the additional parts that give it that rocket look, remembering that this is to look like a Sci-Fi rocket from those old movies that we grew up on, of course some saw them in the theater and some saw them on late night television. On the back I hollowed out the main body and carve the main thrust where it fit into the main body and is attached by a piece of copper wire. But then the first issue emerged. The front of the rocket had a big knot in it so I cut a portion off to see how big it was, wow it was big. But there is a fix for everything, usually, lights please......

 So as you may have seen in the video I had to make some modifications to the nose of the rocket due to a knot in the wood. This is the chance you take when you carve these found pieces of wood, there are always things you have to include, exclude or simply carve around or cut out from the carving. But after all this is what is fun about this found wood, it's not just that you "found" a piece of wood on the ground, though you did but it's also what or who you find in the wood as you are carving.

as always, 
Good night and may God bless

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