Monday, June 6, 2016

found wood, another carving started pt2

Well after looking at this guy I decided the little circles carved in didn't look right so I hollowed them out, I also removed the circle cut into the corners of the mouth. Once I was done with this I started to ponder what this guy was going to be. To find this answer I went out to the pile of found wood and looked to see what I had to work with and low and behold there was my answer. I had a larger branch that I could carve a face in or I could remove a portion of the branch shooting off to the side and this will be his base.

First I needed to get it set-up. So after looking at this I carved out an area that would be a cockpit of sorts and then began to hollow it out so he would fit comfortably in it. Now we have moved from making him a simple base to some sort of vehicle that he will be sitting in. This begs to the question which way will he face in it? One way he could be in a submarine and the other way he could be in one of those old timey race cars. Both look good but which way matches what I have already carved and leaves me with more options to finish the carving up. I think this one is going to turn into a fun project, yes project, it is no longer just a carving. This is never good when I go from carving into project mode, trust me on this one.

as always, 
Good night and may God bless

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