Thursday, August 11, 2016

hey I'm a candle stick carver pt 2

 All painted and awaiting some sealant. This little guy ended up being a fun project and he has convinced me he would be a fun carving pattern for the "book". I really had fun with the painting process with this one, after the basic colors were done here are a few things I did to enhance this little guy.

First off I took some of the orange and yellow left over from the flame, added a bit more water then painted it on around the upper portion of the candle to give the feel of the top becoming illuminated from the flame. I also mixed up some black, dark blue and white to paint around the upper lip and the chin area to give a hint of a five o'clock shadow. I also used a bit of this right below the eyes to soften the color in that area. Many people have asked me about painting the flame and it is as it looks. First I paint the whole flame with yellow, then around the base of the flame I come in with some watered down orange and take that up a bit shy of half way to the top. At the tip of the flame I paint some white then come back with a wet brush and blend it towards the middle of the flame. For me this process has worked well for my carvings.

As for the book of patterns, summer vacation is coming to a close and now will begin the time when I get my act together, set a schedule and work the schedule. Not sure if any new characters will be created or if I will simply work from what I have now. That is the plan, and as mentioned in the previous post, the pattern for this guy will be included in the "book".

as always, 
Good night and may God bless

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