Wednesday, August 10, 2016

hey I'm a candle stick carver

 So I tried my hand at carving my candle cartoon and ugh, didn't like it a bit. Actually during the carving process of the first one I wasn't happy of the direction it was heading so I got out the trusty band saw and roughed out another one.

Originally the plan was to simply throw the first one away and start over but then I thought why not learn from this one in preparation for the next one to carve, and so I did. There is really nothing about the first one that I like but the next one, yeah, I'm liking this one. I changed the way I was cutting him out, making his proportions better prepare me for the carving process. The funny part here is I had a more narrow rough out from the second one but ended up with a thicker candle in the process. I also left some body on the candlestick width wise and believe this was a wise call to make. Overall I am extremely happy with him and can't wait to begin the painting process. On a side note if and when I put a book of patterns together watch for this one, he'll be in it.

as always, 
Good night and may God bless

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