Friday, August 5, 2016

what did I find pt 2

So when we last saw this one he was carved and ready for paint and I was thinking that after the painting process it would give me a better feel for how I felt about him. I do have to say that I did like the way he came out in the end and I was surprised by all the positive feedback he received. In the end to me he looked like jockey more than anything else with the shape of the cap and the goggles mounted on top.

In the end, though I wasn't happy with the way he came about, I am happy with the way he ended up. So much so that he joined the ranks of the CCA competition entries that I have sent off this year. They have already arrived in Converse and are awaiting the judging which will be on the 18th of August. The judging is private and I won't know how I did till the carvings make their way home. Below I have posted my full line up of entries. This will be my 4th year entering the competition with last year being my best year by placing second with my found wood carving.

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