Monday, January 14, 2013

1 down 2 to go

Well I have gotten a few carvings done and have also painted them up as well. This time I changed my system a bit and got a few carved and once all the carving was done I began to paint. Usually I carve one, paint it and move on. Since I knew I had the three roughouts I just decided to carve them all three in a row before moving on. This was all in an effort to undo the cobwebs from not carving for over a month. I think it worked out well for me and for the carvings.

The only difference while painting was I broke it down into sections, I started by painting the caps I would paint one then modify the color and paint the next. This also gave me opportunity to experiment with the colors and see an instant difference from one to the other. After that I moved onto the face and lastly I painted the eyes. I always paint the white of the eyes first before I paint anything on the face but for whatever reason always I always have the finishing touches to the eyes as my last bit to paint. So here is the first of three carved and painted. 

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