Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Awesome tool bag

If you are like me you visit various carving sites to learn old and new techniques to make you a better carver. While I was visiting  the "Woodbee Carver" I found something that just caught my eye. Darlene Folk makes custom tool bags, and these are bags that make a whole lot of sense.

On a side note, Bob Soderholm and I get together on a semi regular basis and carve together. He has been gracious enough to share his knowledge and experience with me as well as in giving advise on carving technique and even tool tips. One of his big issues with me is the way that I have transported my tools back and fourth during our carving days. Although my tools were secure and no metal was hitting metal, it wasn't the best way to package my tools.
Well I have purchased a bag from Darlene and I have to say it is wonderfully made and fits the tools perfectly. She is easy to work with (not sure if she would say the same, I had a lot of questions) and can match up a bag that fits your tools. This bag is two fold, it is a carrying bag but inside it has an attached tool roll to secure the tools. She can even embroider a logo on your bag if you have one.

For my bag I have a army patch of my grandfathers unit in WWI. He like many back then and now, volunteered to go and serve in the war. After his stint in the army he would return home to work the land. The patch is not from WWI, but it works none the less.
I will have it put on to remind me what side of the bag should face up when unrolling the roll to get to my tools. Pricing for the bag and the shipping is extremely fair. If you need  a tool roll you need to check her out and see if she can make one to match your needs, I bet she can. Contact Darlene at 419-490-6408 or email her at for info on what she can do for you.

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