Wednesday, January 9, 2013

only as good as your carving tools

Ain't it the truth, your tools can have great impact on your carvings. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mean the amount of tools you have to work from, no, I mean the shape of your tools. I have been carving the last few nights in a row and don’t remember how many hours my tools had logged before the holidays and the long break from carving. My tools began to let me know by tearing instead of cutting the wood. Breaking pieces off instead of trimming down the wood. Now I was working from a roughout and on one side the grain seemed to be working against me in regards to the carving. I still believe the tools were a factor as well. So last night instead of carving I got out the strop and my tools. The next time I carve I hope to see a vast improvement on my cuts, we shall see. I have never really mastered using a stone and am not in position right now to purchase a sharpening system so hopefully I will get back on schedule with the strop every hour or so. This makes a major difference in the edge of the blade.

In regard to the carving I think it came out quite nice even though I had some issues in the beginning. I am hopeful that I will work in some time to paint in the next few days. I will share the results if I do. 

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