Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Santa carving 3rd of 3

As you may know I had a month off from carving so I decided to carve three roughouts to get back into form. I have shown two of the three so today I am posting the third of the three. This one came out well I guess although I had a few spots in the carving where I either didn't pay attention to the grain enough or just tried to take out to big of a piece and had to rework a section. Still in all I am happy with the end result.

In Wood Carving Magazine issue 34 in Susan Alexander’s “Let’s Talk Carving” she talks about taking a three day class with Neil Cox. In this class she learned the term, “making an artistic decision” when it comes to the carving you are working on and making a mistake. It is a good read and reminds us all that we all no matter what level of carving make mistakes at times and at that moment we can either pitch the wood or “make an artistic decision” and modify what we perceived as our next step in the carving.  It is easy to think that these “professional carvers” don’t make mistakes and honestly the mistakes I might make and the mistakes they might make are probably different in many ways. We all get a piece of wood that one side the grain gets persnickety no matter what level of carver. It is learning to overcome the grain or a mistake that makes us a stronger carver in the end. Bottom line is when an issue comes up, just keep carving and to quote a very over used phrase, “let the chips fall where they may”.

Don’t stop carving, just strop. 

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