Thursday, January 17, 2013

2 of 3 Santa painted

So I have now painted and completed two of three Santa’s. This was a roughout I struggled with because it was not as deep as the other roughout. I was not as happy with this one at first and my wife really encouraged me to trudge on and finish the carving. One of the issues was that a portion of the cap chipped out and I had to make an artistic decision and rework the carving design. I like the finished product and once it was painted it really came together. The other was that I didn’t have a strong comfort zone on a shallower roughout. This was partly why I ordered it to challenge my carving abilities or the lack of, which ever the case may be.

I have noticed that I have carved one or two that when I looked back I almost liked them better before the paint was applied. I have also had a few that I really liked but then the paint was applied and it really came together.  The finished painted piece was even better than the carving by itself. Maybe it’s just me but I love the process and watching a carving change as I go through the stages. I try to keep images of both carved and then painted carving. Even though I have a standard way I paint the Santa ornaments each one seems to still have their own unique look once the paint and wood come together. The only variance with my application is how thick or thin I apply the color. For my own personal preference, I prefer the wood grain showing through the paint if ever so slightly.  AS for ornament today, I think it really came into its own once the paint was applied. Hope you think so too.

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