Friday, January 18, 2013

Santa 3 of 3 painted

Well here it is 3 of 3 carved and painted. This one was another that the grain or the tool tried it’s best to get the best of me. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't  I had a time with the beard and after a lot of effort I think it came out fine, just fine. I have gotten a little creative with the eyes trying to see if I can play around with the direction the carving is looking.

When it comes to eye direction there seems to be a general consensus. Most people prefer them looking off to the side because it gives them character and looking straight ahead is usually considered a no-no. So with this carving I tried to paint the eyes where the person looking at it would have to decide what direction he is peering. I believe it is the way I carved the mouth but this is not my happiest Santa. Do you get the idea that he is at a house where a lump of coal is the present being placed under the tree. Due to the issue I had with the carving portion it almost has to narrow of a beard around the frown line of the face, but the people who have seen it up close seemed to respond positively towards him so must not be to extreme. Take a look and see what you think.

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