Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm back

 Back at it that is. Since Thanksgiving at least one or more members of our family had been under the weather. My wife and I both ended up with bronchitis, tis the season. Everyone is feeling better and back to the old schedule and once again I am carving. I ordered some roughouts from Mark Akers, thought this would help me dust off the cob webs. Mark has a fast turnaround from order to delivery which makes it nice for a carver in waiting. I had carved one of his previously and was happy with the result so thought I would give it another try, you know make sure it wasn't a fluke or something.

I like the way the first one came out, or I guess I should say the second one. The one thing I do different from other carvers is I don’t always carve the tongue in the mouth. Just for me I don’t always like the way it looks, I mean when someone talks you don’t see their tongue with every syllable do you? I mean if Santa is saying “ho ho ho” you don’t see the tongue then do you? So I am not a conformist even in the carving world, big surprise.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and have had numerous opportunities to relax and carve.  

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