Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Santa

Yes another Santa is done being carved. I do carve other things but haven't lately because I have someone that wants these for his family members. With my latest Santa I tried to improve my style and technique in carving a beard. If you only carved one thing you should always push to improve on your style and technique.

But should you only carve one thing, well that is up to you. You know your wants and desires in carving and you must make that choice all on your own. It was told to me that the worry of carving only one thing would be that if you get bored with it will you just simply stop carving? That would be the tragedy, to stop all together.

I have no plans to stop carving but stop carving Santa ornaments I will soon. I don't want to be a one trick pony so to speak. Next on my list I will carve a civil war bust or two and then will move towards carving a full body character. Hopefully in the not so distant future I will carve one of my cartoon characters. Remember the Santa’s were to help me improve my carving of faces and while I have gotten better there is still room for improvement. In the end I want to be skilled and confident enough to take any of my illustrations transform them into a carving. Once I get to this stage watch out, it;s going to get interesting.

There is a lot about the carving process this old whittler still needs to learn. After all I have only been back at this since last April a year ago. Time and chips fly when you are having fun. Thanks to all of you who have followed along for some if not all this adventure, it's not over. 

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