Sunday, September 14, 2014

3 out of 4

 Well last night I got some ornaments painted again but Nebraska was on TV so I only got three of the four done, hey it's a Cornhusker thing.

Ok back to the painting portion of the evening, I did three of the four and I used some of the techniques that Randy True suggested. I have a different protective finish that I use that I got out of one of the wood carving magazines a few years ago so for these carvings I used it but will go out and buy the recommended finish to compared how they stand up to each other.

So for these here is what I did;
  1. I lightly sanded down each carving utilizing my Dremel
  2. I dipped the carvings in Minwax watered based Polycrylic protective finish
  3. I lightly wiped them down to try and put an even and light covering
  4. Once dried completely I applied paint to each carving still layering colors like I always have
  5. This morning I dipped the carvings for another coating of the Minwax finish

And that is where we are now with paint and protective finish applied, no fuzzies. I did have a few places where I had to go back over with color during the painting process as the wood didn't seem to take in the paint evenly. I believe this was related to areas I may not have gotten the protective finish evenly distributed but in the end I don't see that it had any impact on the final piece.

You may notice I had fun with one of the carvings and added a graphic to the tassel of his cap, I think you get the general idea of the image, just for fun.

as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving

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