Monday, September 1, 2014

another one really, yeah really

I can go weeks without carving, at times when life gets busy I can go months but then I can go where every day I carve something new. I am in a grove and every night for the past few nights I have carved a new ornament. These times make up for the other times when life is about everything but carving.

Since there are only 16 weeks till Christmas I am focusing on my ornaments. Yesterdays’ carving is a fun one, at least I think so. It is a Christmas ornament where a Santa like character is ready to take off on his night flight and he seems really happy about the idea. I think he really enjoys flying or breaking into houses, let us assume it is the flying and leave it at that. He has his goggles on and the wind is blowing in his beard, he has a big smile on his face so I hope he has some type of shield on the sleigh cause if not he may get a bug caught between those pearly whites of his. Hey, I am a cartoonist this is just how my mind works sometimes.

So remember he sees you when you’re sleeping and he knows when you are awake. You might look into a restraining order this is getting creepy, kidding, I am kidding. I actually am a huge fan of Christmas, and everything that comes with it. The music, the movies and the decorations on the tree.

Before I forget and on a more serious note, on all my ornaments no matter what size are carved out in the back to lighten them up for hanging on a Christmas tree. I use fish hooks for the eyelets and simply cut off the hook portion, these will work for all standard tree hooks and the nice thing is they are small enough not to distract from the carving. All carvings are painted with acrylic paint and have a finished coat applied, most are dipped twice to make sure they are protected.

as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving

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