Saturday, September 6, 2014

blockhead whittle doodle Santa style

As the headline says, here are my latest blockhead whittle doodles Santa style. I am trying my best to balance the idea of carving in detail but not too much. The concept is you carve some details of a face but not the complete face leaving some of the block of wood showing. With each carving I varied the amount of detail in each of them which becomes a balancing act with certain features such as beards and Christmas caps, after all I have to carve enough to let your mind see Santa.
So my latest carvings, two Santa blockheads, after all it must be the season since they already have decorations up at the stores just as Charlie Brown and Linus predicted. Both carvings  are unfinished but will end up with a bit of color but not completely. I will experiment with this as well on how much color is enough and how much is too much, hopefully I won’t get there. One of the Santa carvings you may notice I cut all the way through in areas, on one I did this with the eyes trying to work the shadows and light into the carving. This becomes tricky when hollowing out the back to make sure you remove enough to open up an area but not opening up so much that it takes away from the carving. On both carvings I have hollowed out the back as they will both be set up to be hang able for those who might have a tree in the house that needs decorating.   

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