Thursday, September 4, 2014

block head whittle doodles

Well the other day I cut some wood for carving and I made a batch of corner cuts that I will carve some blockhead whittle doodles. A corner cut is when I take a block of wood and cut it in an angle from one corner to the other, this gives me a triangle and this is what I use to carve my ornaments and my blockhead whittle doodles.

The first one is simply an elderly gentleman and he seems to have or is in the process of falling asleep. Maybe he is trying to read the paper and is to tired to look for his glasses so he is "playing trombone" as he struggles to get the paper at the proper distance where he can get things on the page to focus in, like words for instance.  He doesn't look to be too worked up over his situation but by the wrinkles on his forehead there is something perplexing him in the afternoon paper, yeah this guy looks to be the type that might enjoy the simply pleasure of a newspaper, nothing to charge up, no screen to wipe off. All he has to do is turn the page.

I am toying with the idea of selling some of these in my Etsy shop, the question is do I clean them up or do I leave them exactly as they are a simple carving rough edges still showing? I haven't decided that yet. This would be as if I just finished the main carving of the piece and handed it over to someone to give then a better look at it. I will make this decision at a later date, not today.

as always happy trails
carpe diem 4 carving

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