Sunday, September 7, 2014

paint, paint and more paint

Well for the last few posts I have shown some of the new carvings I am working on. I looked at these and realized they were beginning to build up into a good number so I spent most of my day painting. It would probably have gone faster if it had been a week day and/or college football wasn’t on. I have pondered for a while how it would go if I painted multiple carvings in one sitting opposed to one at a time as I have in the past, remember I do this as a hobby, I have a day job. 

I actually thought this worked out well and will do this again in the not so distant future. I continue to see the benefits of my having worked with water colors, as I have with my cartoons. This seems to have benefitted my painting technique in regard to my carvings. My concern though is that everything ends up looking the same but since most of my carvings this time of year have a similar theme, not sure this will be much of an issue at this time. One or two of the carvings after being painted revealed to me some problems with how they were either carved or the design of the carving. For the most part when I looked at them with fresh eyes this morning I was happy overall. Of course there will always be things to improve upon, after all this is a journey not a one day excursion.


as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving

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