Saturday, August 23, 2014

CCA Caricature Carving Competition my results

Well I am happy to say that my carvings made it all the way out to Indiana and have now returned home. I didn't know what to expect as I never do since it is a closed competition and you don't see the other entries. I was hopeful for my cowboy carving to do well but he was in the rough-out category and this is a tough category to place in and in the end he didn't. But he is owned by my uncle out in Nebraska, he likes him so there is my ribbon for that carving.

I did however get two ribbons this year; I got a fifth place for my elf whisperer ornament and a fourth place for my night cap dilemma ornament. So getting two ribbons in a national carving competition is wonderful and I am very pleased.


  1. Congratulations! CCA always have great carvings in their competition. Rest up and start planning your entries for next year! :-)

  2. Thanks Randy,

    I need to get busy carving some ornaments for Christmas and I have a special request from a family member that I need to get started on before I worry about next year. I didn't plan on entering this year but wanted to give my cowboy carving a chance to compete. I knew it would be tough, the rough-out category probably gets the most entries next to maybe bust carvings, at least that is my guess.

    Funny story I had carved a ornament with the candle on top but a piece broke on it and in a moment of frustration instead of trying to fix it I just turned it into scrap wood. About two weeks before I needed to send off my entries I decided to try carving the idea one more time and thus the night cap dilemma was carved, for a second time. I showed the two together in an earlier post back on the 11th of August, when I put the three together in Photoshop. It was disappointing I thought the other one was a nicer carving. Oh well live and learn and carve :)