Monday, August 11, 2014

candle top carving

Well this has been an interesting journey to get to this point, I carved an ornament and was fairly happy with it, and then it broke. Carved the design idea a second time, no this one didn’t break, I finished it and painted it. At this stage I am pretty happy with the design and the carving and then I thought and this always gets me either in trouble or creates more work for me, I thought really what I should have done with the design was………. and so I carved a third one. Maybe this is as the song says “too much time on my hands” so here they are; 
  1. far right (which ended up broken) 
  2. The one in the middle is the second carving before paint  
  3. The second carving completed, paint and all

The next three images are of the new carving so without further a due here is night flight”. This is an old pilot with the old timey goggles and flight cap and for some reason he has a candle on his head. Obviously the vintage plane he flies doesn’t have illuminated gauges. He has improvised his own way of illuminating everything and now his hands are free to handle the stick and other controls while in flight.

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